Better Mental Health.


``El Nozha Specialized Hospital was founded on Dec.15th,2008 being the first ever hospital in Egypt to specialize in neuropsychiatry.``

More than a decade later, we still proudly rank as the biggest neuropsychiatric hospital in the country as well as one of the leaders in our field in the middle eastern region.

We are determined to providing comprehensive Adult psychiatry services for patients with psychiatric illness, disorders and those who are battling with addiction, ages 18 and over.

``Our adult inpatient services accept the admission of patients under the care of psychiatrists on either a voluntary or an involuntary basis. ``

The Inpatient Unit is divided into male and female sections to ensure maximum privacy and comfort for all of our patients during their stay at El Nozha Specialized Hospital.

We provide intensive nursing care and treatment for those who are in severely disorganized, unsafe or agitated states, as well as round-the-clock nursing care for the treatment of patients with acute psychiatric illnesses.

``We are committed to doing so in a very confidential, non-judgmental and peaceful environment.``

Our well-experienced team of psychologists and psychiatrists at our outpatient mental health clinics are dedicated to providing extensive, evidence-based therapy plans for a wide range of disorders including severe mood disorders, dual diagnosis, obsessive-compulsive disorders, post-partum mood disorders, sexual disorders, anxiety, and trauma.

``We at El Nozha Specialized Hospital promise to always value our patients and treat all of them with equal care.``

El Nozha Specialized Hospital does not differentiate between any of its patients.

Therefore, our doors are always open to everyone who reaches out to us because we believe all of our patients are entitled to an accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment plan.

Every single one of our patients will receive the same amount of medical care and attention from our team of doctors and mental health professionals, disregarding their race, religion, disorder, financial status, disability, gender, age, and expression.


who we are

Dr.Kamal Al-Fawal

- Consultant Psychiatrist - Advisory board member at WHO for mental health and addiction - Member of American mental health organization

Dr.Ismail Ramadan

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Osama El-Kholy

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Mohamed Megahed

- ICU Consultant & Surgeon

Dr.Amr El-Garem

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Atef Fayed

- Consultant Psychiatrist - General Manager of Old Nozha Hospital

Dr.Mohamed Bayoumi

- Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr.Ahmed Deif

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Mohamed Hamdy

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Amro El-Fatatry

- Professor of Neurology at Alexandria University Medical School.

Dr.Mamdouh Abou Rayan

- Consultant Psychiatrist - General Manager of Almaamoura Mental Health Hospital (past) - Medical Director of Elnozha Specialized Hospital (past)

Dr.Khaled Helmy

- Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr.Ahmed Refaat

- Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr.Mohamed Kamel

- Consultant Psychiatrist

Frequently Asked

What are early signs of neurological diseases?

The patient may witness signs and symptoms which include but are not limited to: Sudden numbness, poor cognitive skills, and seizures.

How do I schedule an appointment?

To book an appointment with our outpatient clinics or medical imaging dept. please refer to the contact page.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a group of biological brain disorders that affect an individual’s thinking, mood, emotions, sense of reality, ability to relate and their daily functioning.

What do I need to know about New Nozha Hospital?

New Nozha Hospital is a leading Neuropsychiatry and medical imaging facility in Alexandria, Egypt. We are committed to improving the mental health states of our patients through research and evidence-based treatment plans.